Babez For Breakfast

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Babez for Breakfast est unu album de sa banda Lordi, pubblicadu in su 2010.

Traccias[modìfica | modìfica su còdighe de orìgine]

  1. "SCG5: It's A Boy!"
  2. "Babez for Breakfast"
  3. "This Is Heavy Metal"
  4. "Rock Police"
  5. "Discoevil"
  6. "Call Off The Wedding"
  7. "I Am Bigger Than You"
  8. "ZombieRawkMachine"
  9. "Midnite Lover"
  10. "Give Your Life For Rock And Roll"
  11. "Nonstop Nite"
  12. "Amen's Lament To Ra"
  13. "Loud And Loaded"
  14. "Granny's Gone Crazy"
  15. "Devil's Lullaby"