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Yaoi Press est unu editori indipendenti de fumettus yaoi chi si acattara in su Nevada. Sa domu editora est stetia criara in su 2004 de 'editori Yamila Abraham.

Graphic Novels[modìfica | edit source]

  • Kingdom of Selfish Love
  • Winter Demon
  • Surge
  • Exorcisms and Pogo Sticks
  • Yaoi Hentai
  • The Aluria Chronicles
  • Saihôshi the Guardian
  • Desire of the Gods
  • Spirit Marked
  • Enslaved by the Dragon
  • Prisoner of the Immortal
  • Zesty!
  • IDOL
  • Wishing for the Moon
  • Yaoi: An Anthology of Boys Love
  • Stallion
  • Treasure
  • Dark Prince
  • Cain
  • The Lily and the Rose
  • Happy Yaoi Yum Yum

Fumettus[modìfica | edit source]

  • Yaoi Candy
  • Offered to a Demon

Art Books[modìfica | edit source]

  • Reflections: The Artwork of KOSEN
  • Dark Dreams: A Dany&Dany Yaoi Art Book
  • Yaoi Gothic: An Explicit Sketchbook

Artistas[modìfica | edit source]

Collegamentus a foras[modìfica | edit source]