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English: Template information icon
বাংলা: টেমপ্লেট তথ্য আইকন
Français : Icone d'information de modèle.
Italiano: Icona di informazioni del template.
한국어: 틀 정보 아이콘
Magyar: Sablonok információs ikonja.
Polski: Ikona opisu szablonu
中文: 模板信息图标
日本語: 「情報」テンプレート用のアイコン
Mitza Traballu pròpriu, based on File:Gtk-dialog-info.svg
Autore User:Quarl, David Vignoni (Image:Gtk-dialog-info.svg)
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atuale19:19, 1 Aus 2016Miniatura de sa versione de is 19:19, 1 Aus 2016117 × 60 (20 KB)JarektCopy file from as suggested on the talk page
02:35, 6 Làm 2016Miniatura de sa versione de is 02:35, 6 Làm 2016117 × 60 (6 KB)~rileyFulfilling edit request by Artoria2e5. Thanks for helping! // Editing SVG source code using User:Rillke/SVGedit.js; upload handled by User:Rillke/MwJSBot.js
16:28, 16 Nad 2008Miniatura de sa versione de is 16:28, 16 Nad 2008117 × 60 (24 KB)Phd0== Summary == Created by me (User:Quarl), based on Image:Gtk-dialog-info.svg. update by Phd0 == Licensing == {{self|GFDL}} == derivative works == {{DerivativeVersions|Template-info-subst.png}} Category:Indication icons Category:I [[Categ
04:44, 9 Mar 2007Miniatura de sa versione de is 04:44, 9 Mar 2007117 × 60 (45 KB)Quarlsize
04:37, 9 Mar 2007Miniatura de sa versione de is 04:37, 9 Mar 2007145 × 70 (32 KB)Quarltext to path
04:29, 9 Mar 2007Miniatura de sa versione de is 04:29, 9 Mar 2007145 × 70 (32 KB)Quarlversion 2
04:16, 9 Mar 2007Miniatura de sa versione de is 04:16, 9 Mar 2007145 × 70 (25 KB)QuarlCreated by me (User:Quarl), based on Image:Gtk-dialog-info.svg.

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